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Hi Everyone,

I thought I would start a new topic similiar to the "Byzantine COTD". Post a coin you like, not neccesarily from your collection, and discuss it a bit.


So silent post ...ok i add something: a couple of coins of Guglielmo II king of Sicily (1111-1127)

Follaro (= follis)

Trifollaro (=3 follis)


Thanks for the post. I suppose this is one of those coins issued by christian rulers bearing Arabic.  I take great interest in them. Keeping on the topic here is a Georgian coin bearing both Arabic and Georgian characters from a Baldwin Auction:

Queen T'amar, heavy large Fals, 27.5g, an irregular double planchet stamped twice each side, two obverses, two reverses, with parts of border legends visible, countermarked twice, once on each obverse impression (as Pachamov 2 and 6). Very fine.

Yes they had half of population that was arab and also arab soldier of fortune in the army.
About the coin you posted ... i wonder how it was to have it into the pocket  ;D


Bohemond IV. BI Denier. Antioch mint 1201-1233AD.
Obv. +BOAMVNDVS Head of Crusader left, wearing chainmail coif and helm with nasal, crescent in left field, star in right field.
Rev. +ANTIOCHIA Cross with crescent in second quarter.
Malloy ?, Metcalf ?. As struck.
Rare in this condition.
                                                    LordBest. 8)


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