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Joe Sermarini:
We have real experts that participate on these boards.  We don't need posts like "Looks fake to me, but I started collecting yesterday."  

Our expert members are designated by titles.  Procurator Monetae is our highest title.  Procurator Caesaris also designates members with expertise.  Titles are included on their posts.  

Look at who has posted before.  If a procurator monetae has posted, please don't bother to post a concurring opinion unless you are also an expert or you add something to the discussion other than your agreement.  If you can elaborate on why you believe the coin is fake or genuine, that's great.  After an expert has expressed his opinion, does anyone really need to know that ten new collectors agree?  

If you disagree with a procurator monetae, please include your reasons.  They aren't always right, but if you just disagree without explaining why, you are only going to confuse readers and make yourself look silly.  I suggest when responding, imagine you are in a class and the procurator monetae is your professor.  If you contradict them without giving good reason, you will just be perceived as thoughtless and rude.  If you respond with good justification for your disagreement you will likely impress the professor, and might even convince them you are correct.  

If you disagree with this post, I suggest you read it again until you understand it.  This really isn't a point for discussion.  It is a very strong suggestion intended to:  1) Show respect for our experts.  2) Help new people think before making themselves look foolish.  3) Ensure that people seeking advice get good advice, not bad advice.  

If you don't know enough to give advice, why not just listen instead?


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