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Joe Sermarini:
1.  ONE COIN PER POST.  Do not post groups of coins unless you have a group of coins that are all the same exact type.    

2.  DO NOT USE THIS BOARD AS A TOOL FOR YOUR EBAY OR OTHER SALES.  Its OK for our regular members to get help with a few coins now and then and then sell them on eBay.  But listing a large group of coins, getting free attribution assistance, and then selling the coins on eBay, your website or anywhere but our Members' Auction is not permitted.  Requesting assistance for a large number of coins and then selling them may result in being banned.

3.  USE A DESCRIPTIVE SUBJECT.  Rather than writing "ID help please" or "?" in the subject heading, write something that indicates what you need.  For example, "RIC # for Valentinian I AE 3!!", "Help with provincial bronze 23 mm, Gordian?" or "Unknown Greek 23 mm, shield and ax reverse," would be more appropriate.  You are more likely to get help if your subject says what you need.

4.  INCLUDE WHAT YOU KNOW IN THE DESCRIPTION.  In addition to putting as much information as you can into the title.  Include all information you have about the coin in the post.  Weight, diameter (size), and anything you can read in the legends would be helpful.

5.  PHOTOS OR SCANS.  It helps if the coin picture you are posting is as distinct (as bright and clear) as possible.  For identification purposes don't worry about the color, bring out the most detail possible and the coins need not be billboard sized. A 200X200 pix per side, with brightness and contrast to bring out the detail, helps a lot more than a very dark and mushy posting.  

6.  TRY IT YOURSELF FIRST - BEFORE ASKING.  If you are new, at least spend one minute looking at before asking for help.

7.  DO NOT EMAIL OR PRIVATE MESSAGE FORUM STAFF TO TELL THEM YOUR COIN IS ON THE BOARDS FOR ID.  The board is free.  If we have time and we identify your coin on the boards, our service is free.  Usually another member will help you before we find time.  Our email identification service costs $45.  Please do not email us for ID help unless you want to pay $45. (The price is high because we are too busy, overworked, and don't want you to ask!)

8.  UPLOAD PHOTOS, DON'T LINK. Don't use links to Image Shack, Photo bucket, your own website or any other website to post photos.  Upload the photos to the discussion board.  Linked photos eventually become a red X making the thread worthless as a reference.  

9.  NO ENDORSEMENTS ON THIS BOARD.  No endorsements on this board.  If you name a dealer or link to a dealer that is not FORVM or a Procurator Monetae, your post will be deleted.  This prohibition includes auction websites and anywhere else coins are sold.  Naming a venue or dealer in your post is considered and endorsement.  Posts providing assistance may include links to similar coins on other dealers' websites, but we prefer links to examples on FORVM (the catalog or gallery), or to non-dealer information-only sites.  

10.  NO PRICES.  We do not discuss prices here. Do not say how much you paid. Do not ask for an estimated value.

11.  WEIGHT AND SIZE.  Please include weight and size when asking for identification help. This will assist members in pinpointing a reference and also help determine whether your coin is authentic or fake.

12.  NO SELLING.  Do not offer your coin for sale or even mention that you are considering selling. If you want to sell, click here.

13.  SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION.  Please remember to thank anyone who helps you.  


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