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I have always wondered if there was one dominant method, although I would assume flips are most popular for ancients. :)


I presently use flips in those blue plastic boxes, but I'm in the process of designing a cabinet that will use velvet trays.

All I'm waiting on is for the carpenter to get his hands on enough mahogany and cherry wood...

Many woods will give off vapors for a considerable period of time, due to their natural characteristics or treatments to prevent rot.  One of the reasons mahogany is so popular for coin cabinets is that it's very stabe and does not give off chemical vapors.

Hi all,

I voted - then looked closely at the options - saw "slabbed" was an option and am going to have to go and lie down for a while .  :o

Only joking  ;D


David Atherton:
I suppose I'm in the minority here... I use the cardboard holders.

I collect denarii so I really don't want to handle them too much (fingerprints and such) and the cardboard holders are easy to store in an album.


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