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Electrum stater with a hole COTD

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This is a coin I bought 23 years ago. It is a little worn, so I would grade it a VF at best or aVF at worst, and it has a hole. But the style just screams Carthage, so I really love it! Being a portrait guy, and as the coin is anepigraphic, the hole does not trouble me at all. (Although I understand not all collectors feel the same)

ZEUGITANIA, Carthage, (c.310-290 B.C.), electrum stater, (7.394 grams), Group V, obv. head of Tanit to left, wreathed with corn, wearing necklace, dotted border, rev. horse standing to right, double exergue line below, dot before horse's front leg, dotted border, (S.6462, Jenkins 280).

Jay GT4:
Fanatistic peice, even with the hole.  Doesn't bother me in the least.  I'd be happy to have it in my collection.

Thanks Jay GT4.

I'm so glad you like it as well, I think we are very lucky to have these little works of art from the remote past, hole or no hole!

Wow 😲
Great coin,  congratulation 🤗👍



Thanks Joe!


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