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Apameia Help with Magistrates


Virgil H:
I have this coin narrowed down, but suspect that I may not have access to all the potential coins with all the various magistrates. This is one where the dealer attribution was not detailed. My best guess at this point it it is BMC 74 and the Magistrates Kefisos and Skau. However, the first line I cannot adequately reconcile. Any assistance would be appreciated.

I read the two lines left of Marsyas as something like the following;
But the top line just isn't right.

What is interesting is that there is another coin of a different type that has a lot of similarities, although the top line isn't perfect, it also isn't that far off.

Given that the time periods are similar, perhaps the coin in question was also minted by the second magistrate(s) and I just do not have all samples to examine.

Anyone recognize this magistrate? I know my photos suck, but they are far better than they were a year ago and I have tried and tried to make them better and realized that just is never going to happen. On these legends, I have used naked eye, magnifying glass, and microscope. I am terrible at reading legends on coins.


Pekka K:

To me your coin looks like BMC 91.

Pekka K

On these hellenistic coins of Apameia you have

* - the name and father's name (patronym) of a magistrate (and not of two) or
* - the name and ΕΓΛΟΓΙΣΤ (perhaps in abbreviated form), the name of the office held by the magistrate (eglogistes, something like financial accountant) or
* - the title ΕΓΛΟΓΙΣΤ alone in some rare cases.See e.g. Richard Ashton, "The Late Hellenistic Brass and Bronze Coinage of Apameia. A Sketch", in Askold Ivantchik, Lâtife Summerer, Alexander von Kienlin, "Kelainai-Apameia Kibotos: eine achämenidische, hellenistische und römische Metropole", Bordeaux 2016, pp. 379-433 (not available online  :-\).

The coin here has, as stated by Pekka, the magistrate ΠΑΝΚΡ ΖΗΝΟ.



Virgil H:
Thank you very much Pekka and Altamura. I was trying to fit letters into what I have at hand, which was not al all the way to go and I think I knew it. Thank you also for the explanation of magistrate naming. I will try to find the Ashton article if at all possible. I am not sure if my small local library can handle interlibrary loans or I may perhaps get it from the ANS. I also assume the scan from Pekka is from BMC Phygria.I have two other coins of Apameia, both with Zeus head and not as readable on the reverse.

Again, many thanks for putting me on the right track.



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