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Posthumous Alexander III tetradrachm

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David S10:
Hi folks,

Would anyone be able to identify the Price number for this Alexander III posthumous tetradrachm? I can't quite pin it down.

The left monogram is partly off-flan, but the right character is an M.

Under the throne is what looks like a spearhead, I was guessing Kolophon, but I can't find any similar tets from there.

Width:  26mm
Weight: 16.5g

Thank you in advance

David S10:
Sorry, I seem to have navigated from the ID section, I would delete this post if I could (I've put another up in the ID section).

Virgil H:
It is OK, I put Greek coins for ID here as well sometimes. If a moderator wants to move it they will. No big deal. Sometimes I find it better to put them here.


David S10:
Might any one have an idea on this one? It has me totally puzzled.


After a quick search at PELLA ( I didn't find anything like this  :-\.

The style of the Herakles is a bit different, perhaps it could be an ancient imitation.




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