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Julius Caesar denarius underweight


Alan M3:
I have some concerns with the weight of this Julius Caesar denarius. It is from 44 BC Jan-Feb and weighs only 2.7 grams. It was a metal detector find in the city of Sirmium, Serbia. Everything about it looks authentic even has a banker mark but its weight is throwing me off. Is it possible for Julius Caesar denarii to be this underweight even after being dug up.

Dominic T:
The banker’s mark it is not a proof of authenticity. You can find many counterfeits of Julius Caesar with it in the FCR.

CRRO lists only heavier examples, the only CRRO example in this weight range is a fouree.

I don't see any traces of a copper core, but it might help to measure the specific weight of your coin.

Wear also reduces the weight, of course, but more than a gram is a lot.

Wear has reduced the weight.

Joe Sermarini:
I agree with djmacdo. With that much wear, the coin is going to be light. While I cannot authenticate it from photographs, I don't see anything suspicious.


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