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Campanian nestoris pot


Evening again guys, as mentioned in a previous post this also came in a lot of 'artefacts' with a ticket saying campanian nestoris black glazed with design applied in red. So again was just looking for opinions on it please  cheers again.

Hi Stuart.  The jugs actually look pretty nice to me but really, I just have absolutely no basis on which to judge authenticity.  Unlike oil lamps, pottery styles have such a wide range of dates, it really complicates things.  Hope you can find an expert to help.

Best regards, Jimi

Evening Jimi,

Thanks for the reply, I must admit they both feel fairly old in hand, I shall quantify that by saying I have never held an authentic one before so its really not saying much. How ever once the study is finished decorating they will both take pride of place in their even if its with a question mark over them. Thanks again.  Stuart


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