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Markings on Phillipe II Augustus of France Coins


Webster A:
Hello, Need help on Medieval coins of Phillipe II Augustus French coins. I have a billon denier (said to be from Arras) and do not know what markings make it what it is...I only know by being told by the seller (and later by comparison with photos of similar coins.) There is what seems to be an FP on the (obverse?) and a cross with an S----C----S alternating with triangles and x's on the (reverse?). What did the unworn coin have on it? Photos are of my coin, quite worn, and a coin from Numista in better condition. Any help on markings and their meanings much appreciated...!

Hi WA,

I am just reading this topic now because I don't look at this section of Forum that frequently.

Here is my example (first coin):



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