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Terra Sigillata Bowl Fragment "XANTHVS" from Caesarea Maritima


Hi, all.  I am very curious about this.  Here is a pottery fragment with stamp that I think may be attributable to Xanthus, an early 1st century Arretine potter.  I am not an expert with ceramic terms, by any means, so any additions and corrections to my descriptions, or alternate ideas are welcomed.  Thanks, again, Jimi (V-drome)

Terra Sigillata Pottery Fragment
Early 1st Century CE
Fragment of foot and lower wall of pottery
bowl; slightly flaring ring foot with horizontal
ribbing.  Incuse rectangular stamp "XAN?..."
off-centered on interior of bottom, broken,
14 x 8mm. remaining.  Very fine-grained, light
reddish-tan clay.  4.1 x 3.52 x 1.6cm.  9.28gm.
Possible reading: For Xanthus, an Arretine potter.
cf. A. Lacomba, "Marcas de Terra Sigillata del
Tossal de Manises", LVCENTVM, VII-VIII, 1988-89,
Tabla 1, #38, and cf. British Museum, collection
number: 1888,0601.688, from Naukratis, Egypt.
Surface find Caesarea Maritima, 1970's
(click for larger pic)

Impressive piece, and equally impressive - and thorough - description. Well done!

Thank you, Bob.  It's alway such a thrill to find possible links to actual people and places.  And thanks, also, to Shawn Caza (SC), for posting the Lucentum monograph to one of my other ceramics topics.

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