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Mystrey coin with 5 line legend: Prefector? Ecclaetor?

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I have no idea what this could be.  Can anyone help?

20mm 2.93g

Mark Fox:
Dear Obryzum and Board,

It appears to be some kind of token, connected to the Belgian city of Tournai and listed in one old catalog under the heading "Anciens méraux.  Monnaie fictive."  The BnF has an example dated 1524, which seems to be a match (in my opinion):

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

Mark Fox

Jan P:
Exactly! It is a token which gave one a place to fill his, or her, stomach in the refectory of Our Lady's church in Tournai.

That's interesting, I never have seen these tokens  :).

What a "méreau" is can be found here:
with some more details here in French:

Besides the emission of 1524 there have been at least two more:

As a reference is used Félix-Bienaimé Feuardent, "Jetons et méreaux depuis Louis IX jusqu'à la fin du Consulat de Bonaparte", three volumes, Paris 1904-1915.
This is available online, the méreau here can be found in the third volume on page 327, numbers 14792-95:



Fascinating.  Thank you very much!  I would have never figured this out without your help.


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