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Red Slip Ware with Stamp from Caesarea Maritima


Hi all.  Here is a waterworn fragment of red-slip ware with stamp, apparently in cursive script, that I can't figure out.  I am not even certain which way is up, or if it might be some sort of figural representation or a cartouche.  Any ideas or leads to illustrated references would be greatly appreciated.  Jimi (V-drome)

Ceramic Fragment
1st-4th Century CE?
Red Slip Ware pottery fragment
with Maker's stamp. (11x8mm.)
Flat base with slight up curve starting
near the far point of the fragment.  Turning
lines visible in the slip on the interior side.
5.0cm.x3.8cm.x0.45cm.  5.18gm.
Surface find Caesarea Maritima, 1970's
J. Berlin Caesarea Collection
(click for larger pic)

Despite the look of the stamp these are almost always letters, sometimes in ligature (monogram-like).


Thank you, Shawn.  Thanks to that great reference you posted for my VMBI fragment, I may have found a match for another fragment reading "XANTHVS", which I am posting separately, today. 

Best regards, Jimi


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