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Beautiful nummo of Hilderic


Beautiful nummo of the Vandal king Hilderic: or perhaps too beautiful?
Doubt is inevitable.
Measures 11mm in diameter and weighs 1.18g. It comes from an English numismatic dealer.

Could be just what you were told.  Looks right. Looks dark (how apt! it's from the Dark Ages).

Compared to these, it's a tad larger and heavier than most (if not all) contenders.  Wroth Vandals p.14 #9-10; MEC I #24-25 (0.80 gm and 0.89 gm).

Thank you.
Yes: it's bigger and heavier than any other Hilderic nummus I've been able to see or document. However it is also true that these numerals are usually typed with a smaller modulus...
I ask you if you believe it is a minted or melted coin.
I'm adding 3 more Hilderic nummi that I have in my collection for comparison... Here I am faced with a much larger die, not just a flan. And that makes me very suspicious....


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