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Roman silver coin collection found at Aizanoi

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Virgil H:
This is from 2021, but pretty interesting. I been to Aizanoi a couple of times and is one of the least known gems in Turkey and out of the range of the cruise ships that have ruined places like Ephesus. It is well worth a visit and there is a nice hotel there. Otherwise the town is very Turkish and a government center. On one trip, we saw some digs near the Temple of Zeus. I am very familiar with the small river/creek where these were found.


Hi VH,

All of the coins are from the Augustus time period. That is one of my areas of collecting.

It is interesting that they were found in a stream. They were probably hidden there in antiquity.


The coins shown from this hoard don't appear to be very worn. When metal detectorists find a single coin, it is usually very well worn.  Yet coins from hoards overall appear to usually be of a higher grade. Is it due to a person wealthy enough to hoard coins takes them from circulation early before much wear takes place? Where as, coins lost singularly are from poorer people who have been using coins that have been in circulation for some time.

As silver and gold coins of the time were valued by the mass of the coin, and a well-worn coin has lost some of its mass and therefore value, wouldn't it be better if you were a wealthy person who could afford to take a coin out of circulation and not have to spend it, to use newly minted coins with almost all the mass-and therefore value- as struck still present? 


Virgil H:
I walked along the stream where these were found, although I don't know where that might have been. Nice little stream going through the city, mostly on the outskirts.. We saw a Turkish archaeology class on the grounds of the Temple of Zeus, looked like a small excavation area, but that was back in 2012. Lots and lots of animals, mainly cattle, are run back and forth on a dirt road along parts of the stream going to and from pasture. We were dumb enough to drive on it, but it was a tiny car. I have pics I need to dig up and post.


Virgil H:
Here are some pics from Aizanoi, all near the stream except for the amphitheater and Temple of Zeus. In parts of the town, including where people live today, it runs right on through. This town is worth a visit as it is off the beaten path and no tourists, unlike the sites like Ephesus near to cruise ship ports than totally overwhelm them. Not sure if all the pics will fit in one post, but,here they are.

Note: I am taking off attachments until it works. I started with five, down to two.

1) Temple of Zeus, relatively unchanged over the years other than the deterioration of time

4) Cattle on the dirt road along the stream we decided to drive on. We waited for them to pass

There is also an altar to Cybele high up on a hill and the remains of a Temple of Artemis. There is a column with Domitian's decrees, as well, and many other remnants of a central meeting place with what they call the first stock market exchange. Many ruins are also interspersed with modern living quarters and businesses. There was an incredible mosaic that had been protected with a cover, but it was essentially in people's backyards with chickens running around. There are also Byzantine ruins and not enough money to treat this ancient city with the respect it deserves.



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