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COTD - Bimetallic medallion of Geta

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A collector offered me this medaillon, I swapped it against half of my collection.

It is amazing in hand :)

Geta Medaillon
Obv. P SEPTIMIVS GETA CAESAR, bare head and cuirassed bust right, holding spear over shoulder.
Rev. Minerva standing right, holding spear and resting on shield, facing Neptune seated left, holding trident; between them, table on which is a vase; on background a small winged figure; in ex. COS II.
Mint: Rome, 208 AD.

45mm   79.39g

Gnecchi - (cfr. for reverse type vol. II, pl. 52.5); C -.[/b]

Apparently unique and unpublished. A prestigious medallion struck in high relief on a very large and thick flan.

Jay GT4:
Incredible acquisition!  Congrats!

Justin W:
That reverse is stunning!

Tracy Aiello:
Outstanding. Wow.


Virgil H:
That is amazing. Congrats.



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