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Bronze Islamic Weight 2 Dirham Spheroid from Caesarea Maritima


Hi, all.  I wanted to show this unusual and beautifully crafted Islamic bronze weight from Caesarea.  Holland has a similar
example in his 1986 paper, and I also found a 5 dirham one in the Pondera archives (

Regards, Jimi (V-drome)

Islamic Bronze Weight
Caesarea Maritima  2 Dirham
7th-12th Century CE
Smoothly curved, nearly spherical cast bronze weight
decorated with close-set "bird's-eye" punch-marks over
the entire body.  Flat polar faces, each marked with a
single punch-mark surrounded by two concentric grooves. 
Very uncommon type.  Dia: 11.25mm. Ht: 9.2mm Wt: 5.87gm.
see Holland, "ANSMN 31 (1986)" #61; and Holland, W.W.O.C.M.,
ch. 8; "Dirham Series-Spheroid".
Surface find Caesarea Maritima, 1971
(click for larger pic)

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Interesting weight, one wonders what prompted the "extra" Birds Eye punches.


The usual explanation, I suppose, is that such decoration hindered any "fraudulent readjustment", but Holland goes on to say that "Anyone who has handled and examined these remarkable objects will have no difficulty in imagining a craftsman’s pleasure in producing and embellishing them."  So, just for fun I guess!


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