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Help Identify Ancient Chinese Coins found on the Balkans!!!


Krasimir B:
Hi Folks,
I have these Chinese coins for a long time without any info about them.
If any can help I will be highly appreciated.
The intersting fact is that the coins have been found with metal detector
in the Roman military camp Ratiaria in Bulgaria.
The small coins are 0.5gr. in weight and size  7/7mm.
The large coin is 16.4gr. in weight and size 59/24mm.
Thanks in advance.
Krasimir B.

The last one is a common Huo Bu spade, from the Wang Mang reign

I don't know where the small coins come from, possibly they are lucky charms? In any case, the style of the characters is from a later period than that of the Huo Bu coin.

The two characters on the first small coin mean "calm wind", on the second coin I can only read "sail".


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