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Thinking about starting auctions at $5 instead of $.99

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Joe Sermarini:
I am thinking about changing the starting price to $5.  Too many lots are not getting prices that are reasonable for the consignors and I think a higher start might help. 

Jay GT4:
I think that's a good idea. 

Curtis JJ:
Speaking against my own interests, I would've definitely bid $5 for this Chalkis Chalkous that I just got for $0.99.

(With the BCD tag! Ex "Mid-90s Central Greece" -- apparently a hoard, based on other tags of coins with the same patina.) Not the most attractive coin, but most of these ones look like this, it fits my collection, and the reverse is actually not bad in hand.

I felt rather guilty buying it for that price. For $5 I would bid on literally any number of these that exist. If I wasn't there, I guess it'd have gone unsold. But that's probably true at either starting price.

Joe Sermarini:
I paid $13 for that Chalkis coin.

Ken W2:

Sometimes I'm AWOL for a while, so maybe I just didn't see, but it seems these auctions were fairly recently resumed ?  I noticed them several weeks back and check regularly now.  I think it would be entirely reasonable for the min. bid to be $ 5.00.  Of course, you'd like to make money on every or most sales, but wnen that's not possible you should at least be able to defray your costs somewhat.  After all, those of us buying ancient coins aren't making a choice between that and buying food or another necessity-- if I really wanted a coin it would't matter the slightest to me whether I bought it for 99 cents or $5. Heck Joe, you can't even buy auctioned lots of decent uncleaneds anymore for 99 cents each and haven't been able to for a long time.       


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