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Joe Sermarini:
The rings below were submitted on consignment, described as Roman. There are many on the internet described as Roman. But are they Roman? Are they even Roman era? The only place I have ever seen them (similar to the palm thimbles I posted a while back) is sales listings. None in archeological reports or museum catalogs - with the exception of a VERY SIMILAR ring on a museum website identified as Indian, 17th - 18th century - Honestly I haven't spent a lot of time on these yet, but I don't want to waste time if they are not Roman.

Joe Sermarini:

Joe Sermarini:

I don't recall ever seeing such a ring in a Roman excavation report.  I would be surprised if they were Roman or ancient, and would love to see the evidence if anyone else has seen it.  (I certainly haven't read everything.)


There’s a very good website with extremely detailed information on archer’s rings - The general gist is that the experts on Roman archery are very suspicious of anything described as a 'Roman' archer's ring - One of the experts persuasively argues that 'Roman' thumb rings are a contradiction in terms because the only place one might find an archer’s ring would be in a Hun or Massagetaen auxiliary's equipment, since Roman (and most allied/associated) archers used the two fingered draw.


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