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Author Topic: Advice on storage and display  (Read 431 times)

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Offline Norman F

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Advice on storage and display
« on: February 05, 2023, 09:06:18 am »
I intend to begin a collection of Roman coins based on the different emperors and I  would value any advice on the best way to meet my particular requirements. I want to start with a small number of coins and use them as a way of increasing my knowledge.

What I would like is a system where each coin, in its archival plastic envelope, is easily handled and can be viewed together with some detailed printed information which would include the emperor, the the date range of the coin, its denomination, the lettering, the images and its purchasing power when issued. Please feel free to say if you think this is unrealistic.


Offline Ron C2

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Re: Advice on storage and display
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2023, 09:23:31 am »
Forum (this site) sells archival dual-flips. One side for the coin, the other for an info slip.

You can store either in binder sheets, or cartons. Most people I know started with binder sheets and then moved to cartons. Cartons are more practical when your collection gets large.

The gold standard is a nicely crafted set of wooden coin tray cabinets. In these you have an info slip under the coin and the coin can be handled.

I don't have such a cabinet but wish I did :)
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Offline Curtis JJ

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Re: Advice on storage and display
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2023, 01:27:27 pm »
Welcome to the journey!

There have been many previous posts on this ever-popular topic, and if momentum builds, you'll quickly see a great variety of storage/display methods. One lesson I've taken is that most people experiment & change their methods many times over their collecting careers.

Your "collector tickets" or labels/tags can be important. ("Purchasing power when issued" is the only field I haven't seen used, but it'd be interesting if you could make it work!) Personalizing your tickets/tags is part of what makes them interesting -- including for future generations of collectors. Imagine that someone will have your labels with the coins several generations in the future. (Most get lost by then, but I love coins with multiple tags stretching back 100 years or more.)

I'm a fan of old-fashioned hand-written circular labels, but the most practical are just word processor-generated computer-printed squares. (I try to keep mine all saved in one file for revising & reprinting, or searching info.)

Rather than show my labels, I suggest checking out Meepzorp's collection site here on FORVM. It has photos of many tags below each coin -- by hand, by computer, dealer, collector, early 20th century (or earlier) to present: (Or the first page, of hundreds: )

For a rather chaotic take on storage (you can click to "embiggen" the photos):

Personally, I store coins in many different ways. I'd like to have good quality Abafil trays or a nice wood coin cabinet, but I haven't invested in those since at any given time, most coins are in the safety deposit box, either in archival plastic safety flips or in paper coin envelopes.

When I have some at home, I combine these methods:

This was a "glamour shot," when I got everything out for an ancient coin family reunion.
Old felt trays, second-hand from my jeweler uncle (I see they need cleaning, a difficult chore):

Another photoshoot to celebrate a new "aluminum case with stackable drawers."
I like the clear plastic "sheath" so dust doesn't accumulate, and so I can safely pass them around at coin club meetings.
As you can see, I keep some coins in labeled flips inside the squares, sometimes coin capsules, sometimes sitting on plastic squares (to mitigate "tray rub" during transportation, at least a theoretical danger):


For Roman coins and others that aren't too beefy, I really like the little plastic capsules. I just get the cheap generic ones, but name-brand might be safer.
Here's one of my drawers/boxes/tubs for just mostly ordinary low-value little late Roman bronzes:

And various boxes, tubs, piles, and trays of free-range coins:


I don't even want to show or mention the rest ...   :-[  ...

Offline Norman F

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Re: Advice on storage and display
« Reply #3 on: February 05, 2023, 02:09:35 pm »
Many thanks to Ron and Curtis. There is a wealth of information here and I now need to spend some time following it up. I can certainly see that as my collection grows my method will have to be adapted.


Offline Virgil H

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Re: Advice on storage and display
« Reply #4 on: February 05, 2023, 08:39:17 pm »
I am having major problems posting this. LOL. Maybe at some point I will get something up.

There are so many ways to store coins, you will experiment and come up with your own method. I am going to try to put inline photos in my post like Curtis did, I wasn’t aware we could do that  :)

Anyway, first thing is decide how to actually store the coins themselves, as in sitting in an open tray, or in a paper envelope, or an archival plastic flip. Then there is how much information you want to have with the physical coin. Like Curtis, I love and keep any collector tags that come with the coins. I just love the old tags when I get them and, practically, I am sure they increase the value of the coin.

I have gone with cases with 2 x 2 inch trays and archival plastic flips. The only dealer that sends coins with these archival flips and the two sided information tags is Forum. For coins I get from other places than Forum, I make my own info flips and buy the archival plastic flips from Forum. None of my coins require a safe deposit box, so mine stay at home with me in their cases. I handle mine a lot and the cases are very portable and the flips allow you to see and read the info and coin and it is easy enough to take a coin out of the flip.

There is a person on the Forum here who makes amazing custom cases, but they are outside my budget. I can't remember the name of that person. I have less expensive cases and they work for me.

Photo of case below with a little label on the outside that tells me what coins are in the case. The labels can easily be replaced or updated.

CoinCase1. OK, I have no idea how to do an inline image, so see the attachments, they will hopefully be in order. And hopefully all will upload. All pics did not upload even though I reduced the size considerably. Oh well. I will delete one at a time until it works.

Here is the case opened up with top tray shown. These cases have 4 trays and I have one case with 10 trays. Mostly I have the 4 tray cases


Next is two trays shown

CoinCase3: deleted this one

Next is a coin in its flip with the info tag I made myself that is in a template I created. Note I also have a spreadsheet with my coin info, but I keep the flip files because I have made mistakes that need to be corrected, etc. This one has an auction tag that I always keep.


Next is the back of my info sheet. I print these out, cut them and I end up with two little 2 x 2 inch pieces of paper I put in the flip. I haven’t mastered the two sided on one piece of paper thing.


Next is two coins from Forum. I generally use what Forum sends. The flips I make myself were inspired and copied from Forum’s.


Finally, here is a link to one of my gallery coins with a collector tag from the 1960s. I love it as I know a little bit about the collector who was a diplomat in Afghanistan.


Offline Norman F

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Re: Advice on storage and display
« Reply #5 on: February 06, 2023, 10:48:02 am »
Thank you Virgil, I really appreciate the time you have taken to show so clearly the way that you combine the coins with the information.



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