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Coin ID: Chinese Spade Money


David R:
Hello everyone - thank you for reading. I'm having a difficult time identifying this spade money. I tried several dozen searches online as well as attempting find it in Chinese Currency - Currency of the Far East by Fredrik Schjoth, revised by Virgil Hancock 1965.  I was not able to match up any of the symbols.

Size: 48 mm x 30 mm x 3.4 mm  (approx).  More accurate (because I had a tape measure nearby): 1 7/8" x 1 3/16" x 3/32"

Weight: 29.7 grams

Thank you again,


Nothing like this in Hartill or several other less complete references that I have.

Only one spade showed a similar design - though not exact.  Hartill 3.390 "Wen shi".  But the characters on yours are very clear and even for the period and look more like Nordic runes.


David R:
Thank you for the reply, SC! I'll keep looking and post an update if I have one.  :)

This spade coin is too thick and too heavy. The characters don't fit. Therefore i think, it is a modern forgery.

The book by Frederik Schjoth is an illustration of his collection - so what he did not have in the collection is not in the book. It is often quoted, but is not a catalogue. For a catalogue, use David Hartill's book.

Greetings pingu


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