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Is this a button?


Demi R:
Hello, recently found this item on a field where I also found a 1st century Roman fibula, key and ring. I know for sure it ain't a fibula due to the hasp/lock. It reminds me of a button. I have found many buttons in all my years of metal detecting, but I can't identify this one. Some say its a dandy button 18th century.

Somehow I think it's not a button even if it looks like at the back. What do you guys think? If it does is a button I am happy as well because it's beautiful.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Demi R.  I am sorry I don't know anything about this, but I agree it is very nice.  I really like the tiny florettes around the "spokes" of the wheel.  A button is a good guess, but I don't know what the date would be.  Someone with more knowledge may comment. 

Regards, Jimi

It is definitely a post-medieval button.

The reverse shows the two broken stubs of a simple loop, which was sewn on to the fabric.

It is certainly somewhat neoclassical in style but not ancient.


Joe Sermarini:
NumisWiki button page...


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