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Joe Sermarini:
FORVM used to sell a lot of books, but in the last few years, it seems most collectors have decided there is enough information on the web and they don't need books. Book sales have fallen to almost nothing. But I still have a lot of books in inventory and even lease a storage facility to keep them. I am losing money every month on books. So, I have marked down most of our books to cost or below, some far below. Many of these books should be considered must have references for serious collectors. I need to get out of the storage facility and save that money. Please take a look, order today, and save...


Joe:  FYI, on my phone  the link does not show anything for sale.

Jay GT4:
Works fine on my tablet. 

Anyone looking for Hendin's Guide to Biblical Coins, Joe is practically giving it away for free.  It's 95% the same as the new edition except for the reference numbers and some new listings.  The info is invaluable for anyone interested in the field.

Hi, Michael.  You need to set your view preferences to "list view" in the menu at the top of the page.  Then it should work.

Virgil H:
Some great books here and I understand how tough it is to sell books these days.I cut my library in half when we downsized (most of my books are non-fiction). I looked most up on Ebay to see if I could sell them. Due to the fees from both Ebay and PayPal, and considerations of my time investment, I settled on a minimum of $5.00 plus shipping at my cost. Very few books made the cut because there apparently are zillions of copies out there for sale. Really sad. A few were in demand and made me money, most I was lucky to sell, the others are in donation boxes I need to take to the ASPCA Thrift Store. People sell mass market paperbacks for $0.01 cent and make their money on their shipping fee that nets them maybe $0.50 a book if they are lucky, but much higher end books go for almost nothing. I guess that works for volume sales. But, many major coin books are still expensive. Go figure. I may have to grab one or two in this sale because I love books and there are some good ones here in this sale.

Also, the links works fine for me on the laptop.



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