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When things are not what they have been described to be.


Joe Sermarini:
I always enjoy it when consignments come in that have been incorrectly identified by a previous seller AND I find something "fun." Here are some recent ones.

It is not Cypriot...

It is not Lycian League...

Jay GT4:
The Canaanite flask is outstanding. Amazing it's stayed in tact for over 3000 years.  Very interesting about the color of the clay.

Joe Sermarini:
It was driving me mad that it was so different from all the Cypriot flasks I found in references and online. I was so happy to find the Canaanite imitative.

Here is a link to Livius - Plutarch on Caesar and the pirates. The page says 75 B.C., not 78 B.C.  It doesn't seem likely that the events described by Plutarch happened after Rome took Olympos from the pirates. If you don't know the story, click it. It is a great read.

As far as I know the name of the guy was Zeniketes, not Zekenites, e.g. Strabo is speaking about "Ζηνικέτου" (book XIV, 5.7):

This is also the way he is called in modern literature, see e.g. Elif Özer, "The Lycian League and Olympus in Eastern Lycia", Mediterranean Journal of Humanities 3, 2013, pp. 211-224:

Sometimes you find Zekenites in the web, but I don't know where this did come from :-\.



Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Altamura. I will correct it.


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