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Indian? silver coin with two cows reverse

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Dear members,

Who can ID this large silver coin with two cows (or cow and calf) reverse? 11,6 gm and 32 mm

Thank you!

Jan P:
I must have missed this one last month.
Certainly ancient India, with resemblance to the coins of "Harikela".
Have a look at the site "Harikela Coins Banglapedia" and see also here below.
No, I do not think we are home yet, but it is clear that we are in the neighbourhood:

Jan P:
The scripts on obverse and reverse might be different :o.
The script on the obverse resembles late Brahmi, possible from Bengalen, where the script on the reverse looks more like south indian Kannada or Telugu.
No idea if that makes sense.
We 'll see.

Jan P:
Possibly a new track: Coins of the Mon of the kingdom Dvaravati (in today Thailand).
See below:

Jan P:
On an other Dvaravati coin (Thailand), this one of gold, the Augustus Collection allows us a comparison of the script on the obverses: identical  :o!


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