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Catalogue of Byzantine Seals is now freely available for download


Similar to the Byzantine Coins catalogue, Dumbarton Oaks has released their seals catalogue as well:

Note that Volume 7, which was recently published, is NOT available for download.

Can someone please pin this?



And also, don't forget to consult their searchable database:

Joe Sermarini:

Hmm, I only have hard copies of 1 -5.  Two more I need to add to my library!

My current search method is flipping through pages in the hard copies. If anyone has any hints on how to best use the online search, please share.

I usually convert the PDF books over to searchable PDF by using Adobe Acrobat's OCR capabilities.  Works like a charm.  The online database works as well, but I don't think they have all the seals available...

I am pretty sure the online database has all the seals that are published in parts 1-6 available. But the collection is far greater, and they are still acquiring new pieces, so new pieces keep being added.

I think flipping through pages is not time-effective if you are not looking for anything specific. So if you read 'MAKEDONON', it definitely pays flipping through the Macedon pages. Also note that DO parts 1-5 only have seals with geographic references. If your seal only has a name, or name and office, it's not in there.

DO Part 6 is devoted to imperial and patriarchal seals. Part 7 to anonymous seals with iconographic imagery on both sides. Both are primary references for that type of seal.



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