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Why Are Some Posts Moved Out of this Forum and Others Are Not?


Virgil H:
I occasionally posts coins I need ID help on, but, honestly, I never know where to post them. This seems like the place for all ID requests, yet posts are seemingly randomly moved to other sections, most often Roman, Greek or Fake. I also notice I may get better responses if I post in specific areas, such as Greek or Roman, but I also think that can be counterproductive and it is hard to actually know. Point is, I never know what to do. A section on Identification Help seems like the place to post any requests for ID help. Yet, it isn't always as evidenced by posts getting moved in what appears to be a random fashion. Admittedly, one can follow the moved post via the link provided, but how many people actually do that?

What are the actual rules on this to maximize the responses one may get? I assume not everyone looks at every section like I tend to do unless I get behind as I am now. LOL. Honestly, I am thinking that the ID Help section shouldn't even be here, although it is also the most popular one. Makes no sense how this works to me and I have been here a while and it has always been confusing.


I use the following criteria when moving members posts.

If it has been established that a specific coin is fake or is suspected to be fake, then those posts will be moved to the fake coins and notorious fake sellers board. For the latter this does not necessarily mean that a suspected fake coin will be determined so when the discussion reaches its conclusion.

Coins posted to the identification board that diverse beyond their intended purpose, whether of Greek, Roman or Celtic origin will be moved to the appropriate boards i.e. when a topic has developed into a lengthy interesting discussion comprising of more than one coin type, or has become an in-depth study of a specific coin.

Certain posts will be also moved to alternative boards if they do not receive any replies, occasionally these posts/coins can be missed and perhaps stand a better chance of obtaining replies on the other boards.

I agree, you may receive better responses if you post your coins on an alternative board. This perhaps indicates that you are aware of your coins origin (Greek or Roman) but still require identification help or a catalogue reference.

Best regards

Virgil H:
Hi Martin,
Thanks for the explanation. To be honest, it really doesn't help, I still have no idea where I should post ID help. LOL. And there have been times I couldn't ID something because I thought it was Greek, but it was not (Roman Pronvincials kill me). ID Help should be ID Help. Or not. I will live, of course. But I am still and will remain unsure on where I should post such requests. It seems like this should be pretty simple, but it isn't. It is all good, just means we all see these things slightly differently.


Joe Sermarini:
Moderators move posts to be helpful. For ID help, if you don't know a better place, just post here, if the moderator thinks you will get a better response elsewhere, they will move it.


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