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Some time ago I wrote an article called "From coin collector to Numimatist" where I wrote; " I discovered I had a fascination for the early monogram types: can I find out if they are really single year issues? Sadly I quickly found that apparently all the very early examples are rare in the market, thus expensive and not a likely fruitful area. This in reference to my love of the spread flan stephanophores of Hellenistic Athens. Yes the very early ones are scarcer and thus expensive but quite a few have come onto the market since I wrote that originally 7+ years ago. In that time I decided to collect as many of the  Thompson old catalogue issues as I could and hoards that appeared peicemeal on ebay became a fruitful source supplemented with auction buys.
Now I have completed a collection of an example of EVERY Thompson old catalogue Athens NewStyle in various grade of condition from "sort of awful" to "really nice" from less than a £100 to somewhat over £2000!
As far as I know it is an unique achievement,certainly in the private collection world and because of one coin probably in the international museum world too-the most likely challenger is the ANS and a combined picking of Greek collections owned by the Greek and Turkish state museums which hasn't happened.

The 28 issues of the Old catalogue as in Thompson's NSSCA are seen as yearly issues-without any real evidence except other than 2 remarkable hoards both complimentary and published in CHX: the Gaziantep hoard and Commerce:The Demetrios l Hoard that reveals that the internal chronolgy sequence proposed by Margaret Thompson upto issue 22 seems to be correct. And that amphora letters when existing ,on the whole, are month indicators and not coded quantities of numbers of coins minted.
The 29 coins of the 28 yearly issues seem at odds except that Thompson issue #4 exists as a no symbol issue and a symbol issue with Cornucopia and sharing of obverses between the two and hoards show evidence to both being produced simultaneosly.
The most favoured starting date confirmed by Seleucid dated coins particularly in the CHX hoards show that c 164 BC to be correct and yearly issues certainly until Sulla embarked on his expedition to break the power of Mithradates Eupator.
The old catalogue comes to natrural end with the production of NewStyles that contain three magistrates and both amphora controls and 2nd controls that are mainly below the amphora
The coins are in my members' gallery which no longer allows me to add coins and details so I snook the last one here which sort of works..

Athens New Style c 140/39 BC tetradrachm
Obs : Athena Parthenos right in tri-form helmet-No Pegassos
16.60 gm 31 mm
Thompson catalogue : Obs 278 : REV not in plates?
Rev : ΑΘΕ ethnic
Owl standing on overturned panathenaic amphora
Upon which Amphora mark : M
Below control mark : ΕΜΦ
2 magistrates : ΚΤΗΣΙ  ΕΥΜΑ
RF symbol : Nike presenting Wreath
All within a surrounding olive wreath

congratulations, it is a great achievement !
I don't have one yet and it is in my wish list. I am sure that one or two are your favourite, could you share it with us ?

Congratulations, well done.


Hi Brennos,

I think introducing my coins and not just my favourites is a great idea.

My next coin is also my penultimate purchase Macedonian Helmet & Star in nice condition. The symbol is often rushed and cramped ,missing or missing the surmounting Star so somewhat chaotic. It has both controls with 2 abbreviated magistrate names.

Athens New Style Tetradrachm c 142/1 BC
Obs : Athena Parthenos right in tri-form helmet
16.60 gm 35mm
Thompson catalogue : Obs 203 : REV noit in plates
Rev : ΑΘΕ ethnic
Owl standing on overturned panathenaic amphora
Upon which Amphora mark : A
Left Field control mark ΘΥ
2 magistrates :ΔHMH ΙΡΕΩ
RF symbol : Macedonian Helmet & Star
All within a surrounding olive wreath

The obverse. I am having difficulty with pics!


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