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Kabul AR Jital Kamaluka “Khudarayaka” Shahis


Virgil H:
Just won this one and am excited. Totally outside my area of collecting, except it falls into the fact I have very wide interests. I did a tour in Afghanistan and watching the botched withdrawal has triggered a lot of memories and emotions. It was where I bought my first tourist fake ancient coin that the fine folks in the Forum here explained was a cast tourist fake. Who knew there would be tourist fakes in a war zone. As an aside, I bought my first real ancient coins here at Forum. This medieval coin from Kabul and a beautiful coin on top of that. I had to have it, the ultimate impulse buy.

LOCAL ISSUES, Kabul. Shahis (Shahiyas). Kamaluka “Khudarayaka”. Circa 895-921. AR Jital (19mm, 2.97 g, 6h). śri khudarayaka in Nagari, recumbent zebu to left with symbol on rump; to left, star above pellet above crescent / Horseman right, holding banner; ma in Nagari to left; ’adl in Arabic to right. Tye 23. Toned, areas of flat strike. VF. From the Archytas Collection.

Anyway, just wanted to share this.


Tracy Aiello:
Magnificent coin Virgil.


Virgil H:
Thank you, Tracy.


I responded to your other post regarding the Ghaznavids before I noticed this post. Nice coin, Virgil. Stkp

Virgil H:
Thank you. I love the design of both sides.



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