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Bronze Bracelet (2), 197.5g, 81.8mm

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Joe Sermarini:

197.5g, 81.8mm largest external diameter

I bought this a few years back from the estate of an ancient coin cleaner.  Along with thousands of Roman coins uncleaned and cleaned, there was a box full of metal objects, presumably purchased from the same people who sold him the uncleaned coins. Presumably from Eastern Europe, probably Bulgaria. The box included the usual belt stiffeners and buckles, Roman keys and lock parts, weights, and miscellaneous hunks of metal. This bracelet was in the box. I know nothing of this type of bracelet, even if it is ancient, medieval, or modern. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Ave Joe.

Here are a matched pair of Hallstett Culture Wrist Torcs, c. 8th-6th Cent. BC, similar to yours.

Copper alloy; each at 65mm/26.0gm

Con/ sound and wearable but still encrusted.

The Hallstatt culture was the predominant Western and Central European culture in Early Iron Age Europe from the 8th to 6th centuries BC, developing out of the Urnfield culture of the 12th century BC (Late Bronze Age) and followed in much of its area by the La Tène culture. It is commonly associated with Proto-Celtic and Celtic populations in the Western Hallstatt zone and with (pre-) Illyrians in the eastern Hallstatt zone.



Joe Sermarini:
I just took better pictures and I found I have a second one. In these pics you can see the decorative pattern better.  Are they Hallstett?

197.5g, 82mm largest external diameter

weight? (too heavy for my scale), 117mm  largest external diameter

I wouldn't call it Hallstatt just because of the shape.  The shape is too simple.  Need to identify the engraving style and I have no references for that.


Joe Sermarini:
Bump. These may be African. Anyone know?


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