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Joe Sermarini:
Make a post here in this thread and we will add $10 Forum dollars to your account. Only one post per member. These Forum dollars will be automatically applied to your next order during checkout. They expire in 30 days after we add them.

If you have purchase from Forum before, please say something nice about buying from FORVM in your post!

A nice idea!

I have bought so many times from Forum Ancient Coins because

(1) it has a very good price-quality-ratio
(2) the authenticity is guaranteed eternally
(3) and one of my nicest coins I have bought from Forum Ancient Coins

(4) I am thankful for the best numismatic Forum worldwide!


Jay GT4:
Forum is an incredible message board but an even better coin shop!  Some of my best pieces were purchased right here on Forum!

Thanks Joe!

Bill W4:
I've never been disappointed with a coin from Forum, in fact they are usually much better than expected .   The reserve and layaway options are excellent; I can buy coins I could never afford otherwise.  My number one site for purchases.

Jordan Montgomery:
FORVM is one of my favorite fixed-price sellers by far. Their pictures and descriptions are honest, their prices are fair retail, and important for me they always have a good selection of scarcer Republican bronzes and I've been able to add coins to my collection that I might never have owned an example of if it weren't for FORVM. Because of all this, I'm a lifelong customer.


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