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Joe Sermarini:
We do our best to make sure the Members' Free Coin Auction is safe for buyers by deleting coins that appear to be possible fakes and by very quickly banning sellers that receive complaints. Regardless of our efforts, problems do still occasionally occur. Please consider the following to minimize your risk.

1. READ THE AUCTION LISTING VERY CAREFULLY. Read the item description carefully. Look carefully at the photos. Read carefully to determine the applicable shipping charges, guarantees, and other terms. All sellers must guarantee delivery and authenticity.


3. IF FORVM AUCTIONS IS THE SELLER, USE OUR AUCTION CHECKOUT. Instructions for FORVM AUCTIONS checkout are included in our auction listings.

4. COMMUNICATE WITH THE SELLER BEFORE PAYING. If Forum Auctions is not the seller, contact the seller soon after closing to confirm the total with shipping and the seller's PayPal email address. For higher value buys, we recommend requesting shipping with tracking if available.

5. ALWAYS PAY WITH PAYPAL. If there is any problem, you can submit a PayPal dispute and improve your chances of receiving a refund.

6. PAY BY PAYPAL WITHIN THE TIME LIMIT SET BY THE SELLER. If the seller is FORVM AUCTIONS, pay within 10 days of closing.

7. TAKE TIMELY ACTION ON NON-DELIVERY. If you paid for shipping with tracking, check and follow the status when a package is not received after 10 days. Communicate delayed receipt with the seller in a timely manner. If a package had not been received after 30 days and tracking does not indicate that it is on track for delivery, submit a PayPal dispute.

8. LEAVE FEEDBACK. Help our other members buy safely. (Note: Members' Auction Feedback is intended only for sellers, not for buyers too.)

9. REPORT SUSPECTED FAKES AND PROBLEM SELLERS. Please report suspected fakes by using the report item link in the listing or by email. Please send us an email if you have an unresolved problem with a seller. We do not mediate between buyers and sellers but we do ban problem sellers with zero tolerance.

10. NO SNIPE AUCTION. This is a no snipe auction. If you bid near the end of the auction, the time to close will be extended 2 hours.


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