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Please don't get mad at me . . .


Joe Sermarini:
. . . if you buy the day before a 10% off sale starts.  All sales must start and end sometime.  Our agreement with consignors doesn't allow me to give you a discount on a purchase you placed before the sale.  If I give you the discount late, I loose my consignment fee and still have to pay the credit card fees and other costs.  I lose money.

. . . if you wait until the sale and someone else buys it first. The beginning of every sale is a frenzy of buying. If you really, really wanted it, you should have bought it before the sale.

. . . if you put a coin in your cart and by the time you checkout someone else has purchased it.  Putting a coin in your cart does not reserve the coin. Placing the order reserves the coin. Shipping it marks it sold.


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