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Pekka K:

While learning to use P2V, I added 5 medals of Finnish Numismatists.

eg. Patrick Bruun:

Pekka K

Love the Jouko Voionmaa medal! I prefer the bust on the reverse to the one on the obverse.

Let me know if you need any assistance or advice with the camera.

Pekka K:

I got this coin over 10 years ago, but identified it just recently:

Pekka K

Hi Pekka ,

Never late...

 :) +++


A bit late to respond, but what interesting medals.  Very much like the one with Bruun taking his kids and dog to the park for a sunday stroll (LOL).  Actually,  do you have any further details about where these privated minted/issued?  What fun.


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