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A Parliament of Owls

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with so much discussion recently about coins with owls i thought it might be fun to collect them all in one place. there certainly are quite a few types out there.

i'll start with my own humble contribution, but i know you guys have some beautiful owls in your collections, so let's see 'um!

Soloi, Cilicia - 3rd-2nd Century BC, AE20.
Head of Athena right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet.
Owl standing right, head facing.

I will post the reverse of one of my coins, 'cause I am really inspired by the 'stupid' charm some 4th century owls has to offer.

Look at this one below.

I feel sympathy for those cute, stupid looking birds. They need our help ;D. Joe has got a new bunch of these here
I feel envy 'cause many of them are a bit more foolish looking than mine.

Nice Owls Peter and rover1.3, i have to agree that though not the most artistic rendering, there is a certain charm to the 4th century Owls.  I can't wait to have one for myself.

Here's an Owl from my collection, one that i am very proud to own as i never thought i could afford one without a test cut going through the Owl's head or body.

I am currently looking for a particular Salamis mint Ptolemy VI Tet that has a nice little Owl on the reverse.  I have only seen a couple examples, one sold here on Forum a while back, but hard to find otherwise.

This thread will soon house the parliament of Athens if no one else provides other types ;D



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