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A “Complete” Marc Antony Legionary Collection as a Practical Matter ?

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Ken W2:

Hello all: I just updated my MAL album which now includes 30 different coins (and some duplicates). It’s taken 16 months to build this collection. I’ll be upgrading and building a second set (I have two children), but I think as a practical matter the first set is complete. I say that because there seems to be some doubt whether legit PRI, IIX, XIIX, and XVIIII actually exist and because even if all or some do I’m pretty sure I can’t afford them.  There seems to be little doubt about PRI and  XVIIII and more doubt about IIX and XIIX, based in part on the following:

PRI is listed in RSC I, Sear CRI, and Sydenham without caveat, but with Sear noting there are only 3 or 4 known examples.

IIX is listed in RSC I, but as Sear notes without reference to specific authority. Sear doesn’t list IIX, nor does Sydenham.

XIIX is listed in RSC I but with reference to noted cites, except as to Babelon (of which I am unfamiliar), Sydenham does not list XIIX but does note it citing Babelon, and while Sear notes XIIX he states that  without recent confirmation it must be regarded as suspect.

XVIIII is listed in RSC I, Sear CRI, and Sydenham without caveat.

Also, the MAL hoard data chart posted in a previous thread shows very low occurrences of PRI and XVIIII, none of IIX, and doesn’t even list XIIX

It’s well known MALs were struck on flans with a lower fineness of silver— I’ve seen assertions ranging from 75% to 95%. But there is an interesting very old collector’s tag that came with my XII ANTIQVAE stating that the three named and numbered legions, XII ANTIQVAE, XVII CLASSICAE, and XVIII LYBICAE were of the same fineness as the standard denarii of the Republic, about 98% (I think).  That would be an odd thing to just make up so I sure would like to know the authority for that assertion.

I’d welcome feedback about the discussion above and the coins of course. I have a few more duplicates to post and still have two named legions hung up in Customs. However, the seller recently advised Customs contacted them for provenance and other documentation which was provided, so hopefully those can be posted soon too.

Thanks in advance.

Jay GT4:
Congrats!  That's quite the achievement
Sear's Imperators book is a must have if you are collecting this series.  Not sure if Joe has one in stock

Ken W2:

Thanks Jay.  I appreciate your response and help. I do have Sear's The History and Coinage of the Roman Imperators, which I abbreviate Sear CRI.  I sure hope to get the other XII A and C SPEC out of Customs soon.  Thanks again. 

Jay GT4:
Ah, I didn't realize that was the abbreviation!  I should have clicked the blue link!  I just say Imperators but I'll update it.

Ken W2:

LOL, I'm not sure that is the correct abbreviation, or that there is one. It's just one I find convenient.  Maybe I should change it to Sear HCRI ?  Jay, thank you again for helping me assemble this collection.


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