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Roman Lead Coffin Panel



Just sharing with you all, as I had never seen anything like it before, let alone lifted.

Roman Coffin Panel

Materiel - Cast lead 24 inches x 12 inches; weight, 25 pounds!

Late 3rd – Early 4th Century AD

Description – All cast in very high relief with untouched lead patina
A monumental sarcophagus panel fragment featuring a band of acanthus leaves across the top.
Lower left – Four olive sprigs above and below, flanking a female winged sphinx who crouches right, her head facing. Single ivy leaf above.
Lower right – Two dolphins facing each other; below, a roundel of Helios/Sol Invictus; Single ivy leaf above. To either side, Corinthian columns.

Provenance - Ex Dr David MacDonald collection; Ex Harlan J Burk

Lovely display piece though....


Amazing piece, and from Mac’s collection!  (He should have kept it!)


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