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Ron C2:
thanks gang - after Theodosius II, I find the artistry on the solidii really started to drop off.  Marcian and Leo I followed the same design motif, but their busts and reverses become cruder.  You can really see this in how angel/victory reverses start to look more cartoonish.  There was (in my view) a bit of an articstic improvement under Zeno, but then it drops off again (again, in my opinion).

Great coin. I agree about the artistic merits of Theodosius II solidii, and I think this type in particular is one of the finest of his reign.


--- Quote from: Ron C2 on November 28, 2022, 07:18:51 am ---I don't know if it  is Fides on 369, but for whatever reason, all the references list bonus eventus.

BE is a real Roman god, well documented, and that is the legend though. Ric and bmcre agree on that point?  The god seems to have been linked to successful agriculture, as well as good fortune in general.

--- End quote ---

I am well aware of Bonus Eventus as a deity and whilst he is often seen holding corn ears too he is depicted as a nude male. This is robed female deity. Fides is a female deity seen with basket of fruit and corn ears. If you want to look at what I am explaining, then have a look through acsearch for "bonus eventus" and "fides basket" to see what I mean across the range of imperial coinage.

Ron C2:
I just added what I think was a nice snag.  "Scarce" in RIC, though only 1 example in reka devnia, which in my experience of septimius severus denarii means it's leaning more towards "rare" in the modern sense of collecting. 

Nice coin in hand with well centered strikes, and a late issue as this emperor goes, by then sporting the Britanicus title in his legends.

Ron C2:
Interesting comment on my last coin from Anaximander - there is only one other of the type in ac search here:

When I clicked on it, I was expecting at least a partial die match - but nope.  Completely different dies, both sides. 

I still would say it's Scarce or rare - there's one in acsearch, and was only one in RD, now in a museum.  The BM lists 2, one of which is a plate coin that matches neither my example of the on in acsearch.

So there were at least 3 separate sets of obverse and reverse does for this issue. Odd that there aren't more example floating about given the lack of die matches for the examples I've found.


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