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As a new member for 2019, and having learned the ropes in the Members' Gallery and Discussion Boards, I am ready for the big reveal:
 :branchesthreeleft: Anaximander's Gallery. :branchesthreeright:
About half of my collection has been uploaded, including nearly all of my Greek, Hellenistic, Celtic, and 'Eastern Cultures' coins.  I will be uploading the Sicilian coinage (aka my very own corpus nummorum siculorum).

Yet to come: the Roman and Medieval collections, with a focus on Roman Empire, British hammered, French royal and feudal, and Crusader coinage. 

My collecting style has been to go wide, not deep.  Collecting one coin of each type or each emperor, for instance. I've centered on silver coinage, where available, and on a grade of Very Fine or better. Like all things in life, compromises and detours have taken me to places that deviate from those norms, so you will ultimately find other metals, other grades, and some deeper plunges (Euboian drachms come to mind) and duplicates.
Feedback welcomed, and help with numismatic references is always appreciated.

I'm accumulating numismatic reference books as I go. I've prepared a handful of Tables of Contents (TOCs) to help where none was provided, and these are also uploaded to my gallery.  As for my books, I'm not sure how to show them.  If anyone has examples of how numismatists share the titles in their library, I'm all ears. 

Lastly: my thanks to our host, Joe Sermarini, the forum moderators, and the kind members who take their time to share their wisdom and their enthusiasm.

Anaximander (aka Chris)

A very impressive gallery Chris, i look forward to seeing more of your coins when uploaded.  ;)

Jay GT4:
Impressive coins and photography.

Wow! I was not expecting such a comprehensive collection—I can’t wait to see more, particularly the Sicilian corpus.  Glad you’ve joined us.

What a collection!


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