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Desert Patina cleaning Project, step by step !!

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Salem Alshdaifat:
Dear Forum
yesterday  I had a call from a friend who asked me to show him how to clean Desert patina coin  step by step, and he is lucky that I have some that I just got and didnt clean yet :)
first here is the befor and after photo .
and then I will post step by step the cleaning method.

Salem Alshdaifat:
Before starting, put the coin overnight in DW TO MAKE THE DIRT SMOOTHER .   [ADMIN Note: DW = distilled water]

Step 1:
Start shaving the high points on the coin

Step 2:
Don't point the tool down or push down, push like shaving just at the high points and the edges of the details.

Start shaving from down the edges to the up, never go from up to down, you might remove some of the sand patina .

step 4:
Shave the letters around.

Remove heavy patina (dirt) where you see it is realy thick.

step 6:
Remove the dirt from the edges to give sharper details and contrast to the coin.

step 7:
Clean the inside edges to make contrast to the letters.

step 8:
Clean between the letters to make them sharper.

then you will get this beauty  ;D

best regards.

great post, awsome coin

Impressive. Thanks for sharing it.


What are you using for a tool?


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