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NUMMII with monogram N. 2

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Yafet for these two nummii asks yours seem to confirmation.

nummus n 8

nummus n 9

About the second i think it's too worn.
About the first i have no idea, since it looks like a Ravenna monogram, but in the 2 monogram of Ravenna in the top of the monogram or there's a cross or it's empty. Here's an O.
It's not Athalaricus, since of the 3 monograms of Athalaricus none has an O in the top.
No correspondance also in the roman imperial monograms.
So i  really don't know.....

Nummus 8 seems to be Theodoricus , Kraus 80 and  the 9 is a nummus of   Libius Severus with the monogram of Ricimer. LRBC 871, OAK 899

An other monogram of Ricimer and Theodoricus , Kraus 80


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