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Richard K:
I just got a Bronze Bar Kokhba Year2 in great shape from a reputable auction dealer who told me it had never been cleaned.  The coins is great and all lettering legible.  However, it has heavy white grit incrustation in the areas of the gape leaf and palm tree.  How can I safely clean it?

So far I soaked it for only a couple of hours in olive oil and then brushed it and blew some debris using a waterpix with distilled water.  It cleaned a little bit, but still has a lot.  Dealer recommended not to clean and to keep as is.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  The white crud is kind of unsightly under the 10x microscope.  Thanks.

To have any meaningful input we'll need to see a picture of the coin.

Richard K:
Will do.  It is sitting in Olive Oil now.  Thanks,

Jay GT4:
We'd need to see the pics but, If the dealer tells you to leave it as is, I'd believe him. 

Virgil H:
I agree with what Jay says. If a reputable dealer tells you to leave it alone, he is almost always right. Otherwise perhaps he would have cleaned it before selling it to make it look better and increase the price. Also, depending on what exactly the "crud" is and what it looks like , some things are just part of the coin's history and are not necessarily bad.


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