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is it a coin that became a button?


bronze 20.5cm

is it a coin that became a button? I noticed the holes

There is little evidence of coins being used as button back then but they were holed for various other reasons - primarily to make "jewelry" including both real jewelry like neckless and bracelets and things like apotropaic "charm" bracelets for children.


Pete B:
It's an early "spinner"

Gabriel L:
I'm getting a button instead of coins and I have no idea why. The free coins were a nice bonus, but this ad button serves no purpose for me.

If you buy bulk lots you often get a small % of things that are not ancient coins - buttons, slugs, washers, 19th-20th century coins, etc.

In most cases there is nothing malicious about this.  You are getting the lot for relatively cheap because they have not been intensely sorted.  The thing in the image above would easily pass as a coin in a quick scan. 



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