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Jose G:

Regarding to Roman Brooch Uk people have upload.

I think this brooch I attach pictures is the conical Disc AD100-AD250 one , but not sure.

 I have always thought it was not roman until now.

Anny opinion about if it matchs roman and Disc one?

Thanks in advance,


Joe Sermarini:
Actually, it appears it is flat, in which case it is a flat disk brooch. More specifically a flat round lugged and enamelled disk brooch, with a hinge pin, c. 100 - 200 A.D.

Jose G:
Thanks a lot Joe for so nice explanations

Flat, but nielloed, not enameled. 

It has (had) a simple vegetal design in silvering and niello (which is a black paste made of silver sulphide) around a small button or knob of bone (which is now missing).



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