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Churches of Revelation - Thoughts

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It's more properly the Book of Revelation, not 'Revelations'. The full title is 'The Revelation to St. John'; it's sometimes called 'The Apocalypse', but this just means 'revelation'.

ADMIN NOTE:  I changed Revelations to Revelation throughout this thread.

Thanks Joe.  I'll be visiting that page soon.


--- Quote from: John K on April 12, 2008, 12:17:27 am ---Here are two more. I only have four of the seven Churches.

--- End quote ---

Could you tell me more about the Sardis coin?  The obverse is so similar to a coin of Philipp V of Macedon (about 220 BC) as to be hard to imagine it's a coincidence.  And I've also thought for some time that the laureate portrait on my Macedonian coin was very 'Ptolemaic' in style, with the floral ornament at the top of the head.  I'd like to know who is said to be depicted on the obverse of your coin.



John K:
Here is what I have on this coin:

Lydia, Sardes (7 Churches)
2nd-1st Cent. BC
AE 17
Obv: Head of Heracles r.
Rev. Nude Apollo stg l. holding branch and crow?
To r.  :GreeK_Sigma: :Greek_Alpha: :Greek_Rho: :Greek_Delta: :Greek_Iota: :Greek_Alpha: :Greek_Nu: :Greek_Omega: :Greek_Nu:
To l.:  :Greek_Delta: :Greek_Iota: :Greek_Omicron:  :Greek_Tau: :Greek_Rho: :Greek_epsilon: :Greek_Phi:
all in wreath

Cf BMC 32

Hope this helps!


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