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Overstrucked Yehonatan Lily lepton

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Salem Alshdaifat:
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Hi folks it was along time since I didnt write any thing at Forum.
any way I welcome my self back  ;D hehehhe
dear friends Zach and Boris, Meshror thought befor that John Hyrcanus II (Yonatan) is the only Hyrcanus until Ahoard of bronze show up with Nabatean coins and some greeks and Hyrcanus I coins only with no Alexander Jannaius coins, then it apear that there are two Hyrcanus I and II.
yonatan didnt over struck the lilly type but also the Prutah of alexander Jannaius like this one is showing under type tracks from Hendin 469, plz see the picture I attached.
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hi Salem,
glad to have you posting again! ;D
isn't this coin overstruck on Hendin 467?  It has the anchor and BASILEOS ALEXANDROY on the reverse, just like 469, but it also has the lily on the obverse, making it 467.  This would then make it 478, a Hyrcanus II type, Hendin 478.   

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Salem Alshdaifat:
why lilly dear Zach, Is see tracks of wreath that came from the over struck, and it seems that this coin  strucked twice  at Yonatan time, plz give me explaination why you think it is lilly, and we will see I might be wrong  ???
all the best Zach

on the left picture, on the bottom, I see a point with two "leaves" coming off near the base, which looks exactly like the base of the lily in the drawing of the lily in Hendin for 467.  the top of the coin looks clearly overstruck, which makes me think that it was overstruck on top of this coin.  This makes it seem even more likely that it was 478 overstruck on 467 because there were many, many Yonatan coins overstruck on 467 coins specifically.  Do you see it, or am I just imagining this?   :)

Salem Alshdaifat:
the two leaves in the lilly type are not strighet they are like half cercil going down, what you are talking about is part of the wreath not lilly leaves :) but I will go with the lilly for one thing the border of dots that apearing in the over struck because Hendin 469 havent dots around the rays, still you got it right Zach  ;D
all the best


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