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11/16/07 Edit:
Site moved to:

1/7/09 Edit:

Voted in a positive manner, even though there are "issues" with some dates in chronologies, eg Valerian II 258-268!!!!!, where's Vabalathus for Palmyra, Postumus 258-68 (rather than the preferred 260-9, plus the continuation of the HA's myth of Postumus junior) etc.

Still a lot of very useful base data there.



chuck p:
I like this site. Especially the willingness to correct any erroneous entries, "just supply documentation to prove your sources".  I will vote in the positive.

Looking down the list of provisional rulers makes one wonder if there may be several unknown emporers/usurpers yet to be unearthed.

The site gets my vote, I noticed a few minor errors in my area of interest but that doesn't detract from what is certaintly a great source of information.

Here is a reply from the owner of this site:


     Why, thank you, much appreciated. I have placed the gif on the index file (linked), and have also taken the opportunity to join the Forum as well.


Bruce R. Gordon


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