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Joe Sermarini:
I am amazed by how many great sites are getting nominated.  Sites that I had not seen before.   Wow.   I'm sure it will slow down someday, but until now it has been very fast paced with so many great sites.

It's hard to go into any depth looking at the new sites, but they all seem to have solid information.

I hope that we will have a single place to look to have all of these sites as links for future use. A "LINKS" page of all the nominations and/or award winners.


 Actually Chip, we do have such a place  ;):
 Recipients of the Forvm Award For Numismatic Excellence, located right below the open polls, is updated weekly and the links put into alphabetical order. 2 threads under that are the winners for Classical Studies, arranged the same way.  As if Forvm wasn't already a powerful tool for collectors, this pretty much cements it as your "one stop shopping" place for Numism!

 Our Awards Moderator, Pep, deserves a huge round of applause for the incredible amount of time and effort he has dedicated to running this Committee and organizing the polls. Thanks Pep!

Thank you  :'(  :laugh:.  Also, yes it will slow down soon to three sites per week maximum so y'all won't be continuously overwhelmed with sites.



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