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Neca P:
I've tried founding this type on catalogues and online auctions, but seem to fail to find an exact match.
If someone has literature, or knows what type and the rarity of the coin, please write.
Diameter is 10mm, and the weight is 1.07 grams
Any help much appreciated

Might be a "Dachreiter" Type, Lanz 457-460. These are listed as Drachms and look to be generally a little larger in diameter and heavier in weight than your example. None that I see have the torque behind the bust. The "Kugelwange" type are very similar. Probably something of this nature although I agree with you that I don't find an exact match.

Neca P:
Thank you Edessa! So this could be a rare variation or possibly unique? What would an estimated value be of such a coin?

We do not do evaluations here.  Please see the rules.  In any event, a minor variation often has little if any effect on value, particularly on Celtic coins, where variations are frequent.

Celtic coin catalogs will list several examples of each type with many photos because the dies vary so much, the work is generally highly stylized, and the strikes are often poor. This is a bit of a generalization, but it's one reason that minor die variations are not as highly prized as it would be for a Roman or Greek issue.


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